Out Where the West Begins - Season 1

Year: 2021
Duration: N/A min
IMDb: 6.6
Genres: Music
Country: Colombia
Out Where The West Begins is a 4 part series that chronicles the driving forces and achievements of extraordinary innovators and risk takers, of men and women that helped propel this country west. It highlights the origin stories of these great leaders, what adversity they had to overcome and the creativity, foresight and innovation they embraced to emerge triumphant. It highlights lesser-known stories of those leaders that are household names, and sheds light upon individuals who had a major impact on this country, but were never truly recognized. They are Politicians, Artists, Writers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, Titans of Industry, Ranchers, Activists and underdogs. This series is about the history of the west as seen through the lens of opportunity, ingenuity, perseverance and passion.