Magic Boys

Year: 2012
Duration: 90 min
IMDb: 2.9
Country: UK, Canada, Hungary
When the world of male strippers and diamond smugglers collide the outcome is not what you&#39d expect. A comedy with European flair and gun-toting theatrics, &#39Magic Boys&#39 is chock-full of action and unremitting twists and turns. When two male strippers mysteriously disappear from outside his London club, Terence, a gruff and notorious diamond smuggler needs to find a replacement fast. His old colleague and former diamond man Jack Varga comes to the rescue offering up his own recruits, but as is to be expected, Varga has ulterior motives. Enter the two misfits, David and Zoli who have just lost their jobs at the champagne factory, now under the ownership of Jack Varga. Through a hapless series of events, David and Zoli find a handwritten contract employing the &#39Magic Boys&#39 for an irresistible sum of money. They arrive in London via private jet and soon realize the mess they&#39ve gotten themselves into: that the &#39Magic Boys&#39 are in fact male strippers. Meanwhile, Varga has kidnapped ...